Leather – a union of sleek flexibility and captivating rarity. Strong yet supple, structured yet breathable. Annette Lo pants embody this unique beauty and character, coupling classic style with innovation. Each pair defies precedent to create an intriguing, modern design.


Designed for a fashion-forward clientele, Annette Lo pants are a new staple of the style-conscious wardrobe. From streetwear to dressy attire, Annette Lo offers the ultimate sartorial flexibility.


This is the new paradigm of men’s leather pants.


The unique quality of these pants begins with meticulous craftsmanship. Annette Lo pants are crafted from lamb leather – highly sought after for its softness. Care is taken in every step of production. Each pair of pants requires a week of craftsmanship, starting from the raw material of six to eight lamb skins. Every piece of leather is cut by hand and carefully inspected, ensuring the exceptional quality of each pair.


The construction of Annette Lo pants embodies a decidedly cosmopolitan taste, with lamb leather sourced from premier tanneries in Italy and France. Although leather varies naturally in thickness, each piece is precisely chosen to match a standard thickness of four to six millimeters.


Beyond the material itself, Annette Lo’s designs are thoughtfully conceived through a visionary artistic lens. The aesthetic combines classic and modern sensibilities. Arresting style blends gracefully with comfort and practicality.