We offer both quality and accessibility— exceptional, genuine leather at an attainable cost you won’t find elsewhere.


About the Brand

From the beginning, Annette Lo has been about crafting style that’s relentlessly versatile, functional, and iconic. Rooted in the distinct but unified global street cultures of New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong, Annette Lo draws from a life-long experience in the sourcing, crafting and design of each piece of leather wear. Her pieces are built to live in every wardrobe as an anchor for dressing up or down.

Sourcing, Quality & Production

Annette Lo leather is excellent quality, super soft, and incredibly breathable. Our genuine leather is dyed and finished in Italy and France. While real leather always varies slightly in thickness, our tanneries are vigilant in controlling this as much as possible, resulting in a thickness between 0.4mm to 0.6mm.

After the tanning process, our leather is sent to a group of highly skilled leather workers in China. Our team has over 30 years of experience and has produced leather goods for brands like Coach, J Brand, and Vince. The leather is carefully examined and cut by hand to avoid any defects and to match similarly colored skins, as it takes six to eight skins for each pair of pants.

Fit & Details

We’re all about details. It takes three skilled workers up to a week to make a single pair of Annette Lo pants (depending on whether or not we have a paper pattern). After being sewn, each pair of pants is carefully inspected before packing to check that the leather quality, stitching, and size specification are exactly right.

Our men’s styles come in jeans fit or joggers fit with varying design elements. The jeans fit has pockets in both the front and back, button and zipper closure at the waistband, and is bonded with a stretchy elastic cotton fabric on the inside allowing for maximum comfort. The jogger fit is sporty and relaxed with an elastic waistband and zippered cuffs—you can easily pair them with either high or low top shoes. The interior is treated with a sealant to ensure that the suede doesn’t stick to your skin.


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